About Ceris Hair

Established in 2005, we at Ceris Hair have over 35 years of experience within the hairdressing industry. It is a Family Business wherein we give the Support and care required to succeed in the present climate.We have many ranges of hair products for Hair Care, Hair Colour and Styling. CERIS Hair are manufacturers of hair products FOR THE NEW GENERATION. We are continuously launching new products to keep up with the demands of the New Generation.

High Quality

CERIS hair products are produced using advanced technology methods with high-quality and natural ingredients.

Great Support

We provide consultations and full support, we also have a facility for training on all our products.


Our aim is to be environmentally friendly. We use only high quality ingredients and the most advanced technology.

Discover CERIS hair colors

All CERIS permanent coloring creams are made of Karite Butter. There are 99 different shades in the CERIS color series i.e. 10 Basic Tones, 6 Super-Lighteners, 5 Intensifiers/Correctors, 5 Intensive Natural, 5 Natural Warm Colors, 3 Super Meche.

CERIS colors are of high quality color tones (99% natural) with special pigment used for white hair which guarantees a perfect finish with accurate color tones, providing more durable natural color, thanks to the maximum color pigments that have been formulated to provide a dazzling Natural Color + Shine. The colors of CERIS tones are divided into a “SERIES” of defined colors: Natural, Ash, Gold, Gold Copper, Copper, Red, Mahogany and plum etc.

ALL shades can be mixed together to obtain an unlimited array of colors! CERIS Colors are packaged in 100 ml tubes. Each one of the product color tones are correct and balanced when the right quantities of CERIS color is added to CERIS oxidizing cream to obtain the best results.

Ceris CHR Professional Argan Oil

CERIS ARGAN OIL contains a unique blend of Keratin Oil, extracted from the African Shea Tree, Aran Oil, Vitamins A & E & a naturally derived UV filter. Ideal for all hair types, this lightweight oil is especially beneficial to dry damaged hair.

Learn about a few of the numerous benefits of CERIS CHR Argan Oil:

  • Provides hair with extra shine without the greasy look.
  • Prevents skin irritation.
  • Coats each individual hair strand and repairs some of the damage.
  • Prevents evaporation of water or drying of the hair as well as the breakdown of the protein.
  • Temporally glues split ends together and makes the appearance healthy.

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