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We’re here to work with the brands who would like to sell their products in different markets, but don’t want to deal with time-wasting challenges such as marketing and logistics.

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Online Marketplaces

We sell the products of our partner brands on several different online sales channels.

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We bring brands and costumers together in different parts of the world, especially in North America and Europe.

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How to apply

  • Provide information about your brand
    To check your brand’s eligibility, we will need detailed information about your brand.
  • Make a plan
    We will create a roadmap by taking the dynamics of your brand into account to provide you with a customized experience.
  • Let's get to work
    Sit back and watch your brand grow while we handle everything for you such as logistics, marketing, and sales.

You can start your application by filling out the application form.

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    We usually reply to messages within 24-48 hours.